5 Ultimate tricks to make you trustworthy


APRIL, 2017


Trust is vital in making negotiations – may it be that you are a businessman closing deals or a simple
professional applying for a job. When people trust you, there is a better chance for you to continue
making business with them as they are more likely to believe in you. That is why it is very critical to earn
the trust of whom you will work with.

Actions determine whether you gain the other person’s trust. This may be achieved through verbal
communication and body language. However, psychologically, body language can speak much louder
than verbal communication as we tend to translate any form of gesture as means of signalling out what
the person really thinks. Listed below are some body language tricks that will ultimately make you a
trustworthy person.

  1. The eye to eye

You should look at people in the eye. Then, again this is easier said than done. People may
assure that you are lying or not confident when you don’t look them in the eye. The trick is to
pretend that your eyes are glued to the eyes of who you are conversing with. If this is hard to do
so, you may alternatively look in your partner’s eyebrows.
Having to do this technique all throughout the conversation yields to higher respect and
fondness, research shows.


  1. The nod

Nodding simply implies that you agree with what the other person is telling you. This makes
them feel good thus making them trust you. Though you should not nod every single minute,
you should pay attention to what the other person is stating. Moreover, the best time to nod is
when the other speaker is citing an example or a fact.


  1. The genuine smile

A genuine smile denotes that you are sincere. Being sincere makes people trust you easily. The
problem, however, is that most often, you make a fake smile, similar to a salesman. Baring your
teeth, having a slow fade and smiling with your eyes makes a genuine smile.
It would be best to practice how you talk and how you smile in front of a mirror, or better yet, a
camera recorder, in order to see how you look prior to having the real meeting with your client.

  1. The visible hands

You should not put your hands inside of your pockets, but, instead, make them visible. Doing so
implies that you are hiding something and this signals a psychological response to distrust. This
is similar to crossing your arms, as well. Both implies a negative effect that gives an impression
that you are unreceptive and closed off.
Have your hands visible and use a more open body language so that you would look inviting to
people. You should really avoid positions that make you appear defensive.

  1. The mirror

When conversing with someone, try to mimic their gestures, facial expressions and body
language. A research shows that unconsciously mimicking each other’s behavior facilitates to
liking. This study is observed as the “Chameleon effect” and this strategy is later coined to


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