10 Identical habits practiced by prosperous millionaires


MARCH, 2017


Every proclaimed millionaire had to start from the very bottom.
An extensive research conducted by Thomas C. Corley shows that an average man’s transformation to a seven-figure success can be achieved by having the “rich habits”. Corley spent five years analyzing the daily habits practiced by 177 prosperous millionaires. In his book, he states that “Daily habits dictate how successful or unsuccessful you will be in life”.

That said, habits can be changed and new ones may be acquired. Listed below are some of the “rich habits” identically found practiced by prosperous millionaires that you may begin developing from this day forward.

  1. They wake up very early.

Most of the prosperous millionaires observed in Corley’s study gets up early. As the idiom goes, “the early bird catches the worm”, a rich habit of waking up at least three hours before the workday actually begins is a proven success to get away with unavoidable disruptions.

These disruptions, such as having yourself stuck in an unpleasant traffic or an unanticipated long meeting, could actually save you time in getting more work done by the end of the day.


  1. They allot 15 to 30 minutes of their time to think.

Every successful business has their well-planned strategies. Every well-planned strategy starts off with a single thought. The millionaires allocate fifteen to thirty minutes of their time to think. They usually do it in the morning, brainstorming in isolation with topics ranging from finances and careers to charities they are involved in.


  1. They do not forget to exercise.

“Cardio is not only good for the body, but it’s good for the brain”, Corley writes. A rich habit of spending thirty minutes or more to exercise daily not only leads to healthy living but, helps increase the development of neurons in the brain. Additionally, it yields to glucose production which fuels the brain. Thus, practicing this rich habit makes you smarter each day.


  1. They love aiding others to succeed.

The best way to making a successful team is by offering help for them to grow. By assisting success-minded people to move forward, you help yourself succeed. When you aid people, this actually creates a snowball effect in the long run. By assisting success minded people, they will influence and produce a more successful team and the latter will produce another successful line. The prosperous millionaires love to aid others as this is proven beneficial for them, too.


  1. They connect with their mentors.

Mentors do not only give a positive influence in your life. The millionaires have and continuously look for mentors who participate in their success as they share with them their knowledge on what to do and what not to do. That said, having a mentor puts you in a big advantage, such as leading you to the right path to wealth accumulation in a rapid speed.



  1. They frequently visit other successful people.

The rich are seen to hang out with other with other successful people. They associate themselves with positive and goal-oriented people. On the other hand, they avoid negative people and influences. This types will only hinder you from your original path which is, to go after success. Be sure to surround yourself with positive people.


  1. They do not follow the trend.

It’s inevitably true that we tend to follow what is trending. However, failing from separating yourself from what the society dictates is often the reason why people never achieve success, Corley’s research reveals. Successful people do not follow the trend but, instead, they make one and pull people into it. You stand out and make yourself noticeable to others.


  1. They are avid readers.

The millionaires devote thirty minutes or more to read – the study reveals that eighty-eight of them do, to be precise. Corley denotes that the rich do not read for entertainment, but, read for self-improvement. They usually engage themselves in books to gain new knowledge or enhance what they know about the subject at hand. Some of them would often check out current events and history books.


  1. They do not rely on a single source of income.

In the study, these prosperous millionaires have developed multiple streams of income. Sixty-five percent of them would usually have three streams prior to making their first seven figure income. Investing in the stock market and real estate are some examples of additional streams the rich rely on.


  1. They invest time to sought feedback.

We tend to fear criticisms and that is the main reason why we do not ask people for feedback. Proclaimed millionaires, on the other hand, seek feedback. Feedback, whether good or bad, is a vital way of knowing what is working and what is not. It helps you determine if you are on the right track and serves as an essential element for growth. Getting feedbacks often provide the information that you would need to succeed. Moreover, it allows you to change strategies and experiment on a new business.

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