5 Common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs


MARCH, 2017


Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires perseverance, motivation and a lot, lot of hard work. Making a business is not like in the games that if you fail you can restart and try again like nothing happened. Well it’s not like that! The most successful entrepreneurs follow complicated plans and share similar characteristics.

As mentioned earlier, you need positive values like perseverance, motivation and patience. Practice these skills to become a more skilled entrepreneur.

  1. Baby Steps

No, you don’t need your baby for this one. “Gugugagas” are not allowed here! Baby steps means taking small risks. There are stories of persons who invested so much and came out winners after a few months or so but that is rare. I think only 1 out of 10 people will have that same experience while the other 9? Well they became broke. More risk, more losses. Lesser risk, lesser loses.


  1. Love it

Passion is one way to keep a business growing. Having doubts is not good for you. It will just steal your chances to succeed. All you need is perseverance; it can move anything over time. Take for example, Abraham Lincoln. He didn’t become a president at his first try, nor the second try, no, not even at his third try. But did he give up? No! He loves what he does best and that is the reason why he became a president. Another example is Thomas Edison. Just imagine how life would be if Thomas Edison would have given up on the first light bulb!


  1. Attitude

The behavior of the one that started affects the business itself. Negativity, laziness and waste of time will ruin the popularity of your business. Success mostly depends on making mistakes, blaming nobody for it, and learning from it. Bracing yourself to face all the problems is what makes a leader, a great leader. Having a business can ruin your life! Learn to control your physical and mental self. Exercise, sleep and diet are one of the main things you need to sustain yourself. Successful CEOs always follows a complex schedule that includes exercising, having snacks and socializing every week.


  1. 24/7

Entrepreneurs are movers and shakers. They can’t manage to analyze every part of the plan or they’d never get anywhere! There should be no doubt in a startup. It’s a 24/7, no vacation, nor sick days kind of job that demands more energy. Make a brief assessment at every step and move on it.


  1. Starting line

Not all entrepreneurs started when they are kids or teens. For example, the author that created Hermione, Harry potter, Dumbledore and other Harry Potter characters, J.K.Rowling started when she is at the age of 32. Having the experience as an adult can give a different view to things. Life experiences bring some things that even the most smarted kid or teen wouldn’t understand.



So there you have it. Five tips in becoming a successful entrepreneur. Hope you have a lot to learn from this article.

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