APRIL, 2017

Social Media

When you look at it, social media marketing looks like a pretty easy idea. Just create an account on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, add some links and you’re done. Not really. So how can you reach a dominating presence in the social media? Here are 5 tips how.

  1. Building connections

If you want to build your presence, don’t disregard the social aspect of the social media, yes, it’s easy to do but it will not do well to you. Instead, start interacting with customers, influencers or other people in your business. The benefit of having social media is that a person can have many relationships in a matter of minutes. Don’t focus on getting as many followers as possible. Instead, focus on getting engaged followers as possible. “Why?” you would ask. The advantage of having engaged followers that you have secure connections with is that they more likely to retweet or like your content than normal followers.

Here are some tips in building connections in the social media:

  • First of all, answer questions that people ask.

  • Second, always mention people you reference in your social media posts.

  • Third, Instead of retweeting or liking other people’s content, you should comment to start a conversation.

  • Lastly, comment when people mention about you or if they share your content.


  1. Set S.M.A.R.T. goals

The key to a successful business is a smart plan. Before building connections, the first step to having a presence in the social media is to set goals and objectives. To achieve those goals and objectives, you must have a plan, and not just ordinary plan, you need a S.M.A.R.T. plan.

Here is what S.M.A.R.T. means:

  • Specific: You need to specifically identify the social media you’re working on. Either it is Facebook, twitter or Google+, you should write it down. Also you need a metric system like a response rate.

  • Measurable: I bet you’re thinking. “How can I measure the response rate I’m getting?” Well here’s the answer: the Sprout Social Media can measure you response rate. Go to that site to see your response rate.

  • Achievable: Don’t make goal that can be impossible to achieve. Increasing the response rate by 100% in 10 days is one example.

  • Relevant: Your goal should make an impact to your overall social media presence. Thus making it relevant.

  • Time-bound: Making a goal that can be possible to achieve in a period of time.

One example of a S.M.A.R.T. goal is this: Increase our Facebook response rate by 50% at the end of the first quarter.


  1. Be human

Coming off as a corporation with zero personality is one of the worst mistakes you can make in the social media. Nowadays, people want to know a company in a more personal level. A lot of companies create separate accounts specifically created to handle the customers’ questions or complaints. One way to show that you’re human is by writing the initials of the person who sent the response. Another one is using “I” instead of “we” to make your customers feel like they are talking to a real person, which they are.


  1. Identifying the audience

Identifying your audience is a very important role in creating your business’ social media presence. It affects which social media are you using, your posting schedule, the content you publish, and the information in your profiles. Over millions of people that use social media, focusing on the audience that you want is a very important job.
Once you identified your audience, you now know what your challenges are and can set another “S.M.A.R.T.” goal. Looking at how your audience response with other brands they follow will give you an idea of what resonates to them the most.


  1. Automate the right way

Scheduling your will-be-posts in advance is a great move in the game of increasing your company’s social media presence. However, sending out auto-replies is a different story. Automating any type of response will come as insincere to your customers because they will feel that a robot, not a human being is answering them.


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