MARCH, 2017

Social Media

Is your company fresh and needs a social platform to rule over? Well, there are a lot of social media platforms that your company can use, but the real question is, what platform is the best for your company to rise up and to rule over?

Here are some media platforms that you could use.

  • Twitter

Everyone one use it, from normal children to the largest multinational corporations. Start, join, and lead conversation are the most frequent thing to do in twitter. You can also interact directly to your customers here. However, you should post frequently in twitter. Twitter is leading democracy of the social sharing economy. Applicability, personality and conciseness are some of the keys to make your company famous in the platforms. Buffer is a useful tool if you’re using twitter. It lets you schedule your posts in advance. Buffer can help you posts around the clock, with this you can have followers that are not in your time zones or outside your country without making a single eyebag.


  • Instagram

If your company is about lifestyle, personalities or selling food, fashion, or luxury brands, this media platform is perfect to you. Here you can share images and videos that are less than 15 seconds. Plus, you can have time for other things because the default time to post is only once a day! But, if you want to post more than once a day, go ahead. There’s no harm done in doing it but you will take more time. Instagram encourage brands with visual content into their customer’s zone-out time. The best time in making your posts is in your audience’s nights and weekends.


  • LinkedIn

If you want to hire workers, LinkedIn is the best platform for you. LinkedIn are used by Businesses, recruiters and job seekers. You can share here job postings, company descriptions, employer or employee research. It is the online analog to have connections to people everywhere. Keep a company description and profile page with the keyword SEO, but your system of employees and contacts is your most precious and sometimes damaging content in LinkedIn. Make sure people in your company are applicable, professional and on-brand.


  • Facebook

Everyone uses it – from children ages 10 to people who ages are 80! Facebook is multi-purpose media platform. You can share ads, videos, or images of your business. The default time to post is once or twice a day. Consider paying to advertise your business in Facebook because it will be totally worth it. Millions of people have it thus, millions of people will see your advertisement.


  • Youtube

Youtube is the best choice if you have a 1.5 minute or less commercial for your business. Just pray it will show in the Home page. Here you can post videos once or twice a week. Google treats its own well, and Youtube is one main example. You can see Youtube videos in Google search results. Keep in mind that when naming and describing your videos, make sure that it is relevant to your business or the content of the video.



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