Quick ways of effective marketing as an entrepreneur


APRIL, 2017

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As an entrepreneur, having a small business isn’t easy especially when you want to avoid rock bottom. Marketing is one way to make your business a success. But what if your marketing isn’t effective enough? What do you do? You will need a dash of creativity, a lot of hard work, quick decision skills, and skills in planning out a campaign. And also you’ll need some pen and a computer.

Here are some of the effective ways of marketing that you could use. Because as they say, when you’re at rock bottom, the only way is “up”!

  1. Physical Cards

Though physical cards are not the “modern” way to go, study shows that they are as effective as digital ads. Also, study shows that reading a digital ad is 30% slower than reading a printed card. Rising business should therefore apply print advertising for longer interactions with customers, and that means getting your pens and crayons. Think business cards, bus signs and banners.


  1. Blogging

Blogging is a fairly activity used by most entrepreneurs. It has a lot of advantage, too. Blogging provides fresh content to your readers. For this you will need to look for a slot that hasn’t been covered by your company, and one that you can compose about in depth for your readers and visitors. It will not only give them an excuse to come back to your blog, but also invite new readers and visitors to your blog. A blog is also helpful for inviting potential customers by Google through search engine optimization.
This involves using related keywords to your topic to ensure that your blog will appear at the front of the search engine as possible so that when people search about a topic related to your topic, they will see your blog.


  1. Have a functional Website

Websites are no longer only the advertising badge of the modern age. They are also now you’re a-frame, contact details, and pretty much your entire store. Having a functional , perceptive website that is easy to use and navigate is almost prerequisite for having a business, offer conclusive proof of your services or supplies to your customers and gives consumers the chance to buy your products and supplies straight from your landing page.


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