Why your brand should be on Instagram


APRIL, 2017

Social Media

If your brand doesn’t have Instagram yet, then you should definitely make one. Next to Facebook, Instagram is the highest ranking social media platform in terms of audience penetration. It offers businesses to reach potential market with engaging visual content.

Read on to learn more on why your brand should not miss out on Instagram.

  1. Instagram’s visual content.

Visual storytelling is an art form on Instagram. You can decide as how you wish to showcase your brand as the platform focuses on visual content. Be sure to make use of the platform’s wide range of filters to covey your desired message and mood on every picture.


  1. Time spent by Internet users on Instagram.

According to research by comScore, US internet users spend approximately 12 billion minutes on Instagram each month. That is a drop in the bucket compared to the most popular social media platform, Facebook, which scores 230 billion minutes. For business owners who are image-centered and has a dominant niche, however, this is a big opportunity.


  1. Establishing a presence on Instagram.

In Facebook, it can be a challenge for small businesses to get noticed as there are so many businesses using the platform. On Instagram, on the other hand, it’s much easier to dominate your niche. It’s still early enough to establish your brand’s presence for those who start now before the competition gets larger.


  1. Engagement.

Users now seek more visual content. In fact, according to research, Instagram is currently the most important tactic businesses use for optimizing their social media content. Infographics, image and typography quotes, coupons, and behind-the-scenes images are more likely to keep your followers engaged. Moreover, try posting short tutorials or interesting clips for more views and engagement.


  1. No filtered feed.

Instagram doesn’t have a filtered feed. Your posts show up to all of your followers. This assures you that every content will eventually get seen, unlike in Facebook which only shows your posts to a small portion of your audience.



  1. Content for other social platforms.

Instagram gives you the unique ability to easily showcase and create eye-catching photos, especially when your posts are curated. You can always use these images as content for other social media platforms such as in your Facebook posts, Pinterest boards or blog.


  1. On the go sharing.

Mainly designed for mobile, sharing on Instagram is quick and easy. This makes it very ideal for on-the-go-sharing. You may simply post up a new picture wherever and whenever you want to keep your followers updated.


  1. Instagram Videos.

Instagram videos are great for getting shares on Facebook. A research from Unruly states that 90% Instagram video shares happen on Facebook. Indeed, a great way to drive traffic and shares between the two platforms.


  1. High conversion rate.

For every 100 visitors who find your site on Instagram, 1 will make a purchase. This is according to Shopify, who claims that there is a 1.08% rate at which Instagram visitors would go to make a purchase on a website. It’s the 4th highest amongst social media platforms.


  1. High orders on Instagram.

Shopify states that Instagram result in high sales, averaging to $65. According to them, amongst social media platforms, Instagram draws in higher revenue whenever there is a sale.

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